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iCP-Parkin: A Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB)-Crossing Tandem Neuroprotector Against Parkinson’s Disease


COVID-19 Therapy by innate immunity-regulating anti-viral/anti-inflammatory immunotherapeutic agent iCP-NI




 1. Intracellular Antibody Therapy with Single Chain Variable Fragment Exhibits Anti-Cancer Activity Via Regulating KRAS Signaling Pathway - 신슬미  



2. SOCS3 Negatively Modulates Solid Tumor Growth By Inhibiting JAK/STAT Signaling - 정숙영



3. Replenishing SOCS3 Suppresses Pancreatic Cancer Progression - 정숙영


4. A Smart Delivery Of Drugs Into Neurons: A Novel Cell-Penetrating Peptide Enables Therapeutic Protein To Meet Intracellular Targets In The Interface Of Blood-Brain Barrier - 서영진



5. Positive Regulation Of JAK/STAT Signaling With SOCS3-Drived Cell-Permeable Binding Domain To ObR Induces Anti-Obesity Effect - 이귀숙



6. Truncated SOCS3 (ΔSOCS3) Overcomes Insulin Resistance Associated with Type 2 Diabetes - 강현태



7. Replenishment Of SOCS3 Suppresses Angiogenesis By Negative Regulation Of JAK/STAT Signaling - 김재현



8. Replenishing Parkin Protects Neurons And Recovers Motor Function From Neurotoxin (6-OHDA) - Mediated Cellular Stress - 황윤서



9. Mitochondrial Targeting Of Frataxin Rescues Abnormal Iron Accumulation By Activating Iron-Sulfur Cluster Biosynthesis - 이준노



10. Frataxin Replenishment Ameliorates Heart Dysfunction Through Recovery Of Iron Metabolism In Frataxin Deficient Mice - 나원흠



11. Supplement Of Parkin In Pathogenic Neurons Reduces Aggregated α-Synuclein And Suppresses Parkinson's DiseaseAssociated Phenotypes By Ubiquitin Proteasome System - 윤상선 



12. Intraneuronal Delivery Of Parkin Protects Neurons By Replacing Damaged Mitochondria - 박지애



13. A Brain-Deliverable Parkin Rescues Damaged Neurons From Accumulation Of Pathological α-Synuclein In Pathogenic Road Of Parkinson’s Disease - 조정환



14. Development Of aMTD-Cas9/sgRNA To Overcome The Current Limitations Of The CRISPR-Cas9 System Using TSDT - 최용찬 



15. Regulation Of JAK/STAT Signaling With Cell-Permeable SOCS3 Suppresses Acute Inflammatory Disorders - 박신영



16. Nuclear trafficking inhibition of SRTFs protects lung in pneumonitis Animals By Suppressing Cytokine Storm - 김규남



17. Nuclear import inhibition of SRTFs with nuclear importin binding peptide suppresses expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines - 김동호